Numerology Consultation – A Great Prophecy

You can never be finished with the investigation of Numerology since the more you know, the more you understand you should learn. Despite the reality I have been an expert Numerologist for over 10 years, I regularly take out one of my numerous Numerology books and read it as though looking for data I may have missed. I was struck by the words I read a few evenings ago; I wanted to talk about it with you, especially given the 2012 predictions and present occasions. I will concede Juno Jordan is my best educator and I appreciate and regard her work notwithstanding owe her an obligation of appreciation for sharing her immense abundance of information.


On the off chance that you are pondering about this large move on this world, continue to peruse and permit Juno’s words, written in 1965 portray to you.

In 1965 Juno distributed Numerology: The Romance in Your Name and there’s a part in that book which foresees of the current situation with Earth. Its Chapter XXIII named World Events. In this section, Juno portrays the cycles, as controlled by the sums offering mankind opportunities to advance. In her words when the enactment of these cycles is not noticed, fighting, clash, and disarray follow. Then again mankind peruses the sign of the occasions and follows their bearings, how to great occasions and remunerating occupations for all opens up.

The 1900s firmly being influenced by the one prompted astounding headway in science, development, creation, instruction and development best numerologist. The 1 is perceived for its aspiration, creativity and want for force and achievement. The one is about the individual and in that lies.

Juno has a lot to say About the 2000s and discusses another method of living where accentuation will be put upon tranquil concurrence. Juno composed those who can match the strict reason, which the 2000 means, will live in an extraordinary world best numerologist in india. The individuals who cannot gradually lose their force, for the LIGHT of better things and otherworldly awareness will be incredible to the point that wrongdoing and bad behavior will gradually lose their hold. I quote the upward trip would not be simple, for the fight presently being capable between some unacceptable and the rights resemble a range of housecleaning, profound housecleaning. It is a time of redesigns of brains and spirits notwithstanding that of practices and strategies.