Bought A Home Near Nashville TN So I Can Be Close To Work

Bought A Home Near Nashville TN So I Can Be Close To Work

February 2, 2017 Off By survi

For years, I commuted back and forth over 45 minutes both ways. It worked at the time because I already owned a home and liked where I lived. The job I had was a really good one and it was worth it to me. However, the drive really started getting to me and I wanted to find a home that was closer to my work. I started searching for homes that were near Nashville TN so I could see what was available.

I went online and searched for a real estate website for homes in Nashville. I found several websites, but decided to visit Zillow to see what I could find listed on there. I liked the way this search was set up and I could look at all the homes available within a certain radius. I also liked being able to search by the price and extras that came with the home.

I found several homes that I wanted to see in person. One of them was right outside of Nashville TN and it was just what I was looking for. It had a reasonable price tag too. I contacted the real estate company that had this listing and told them I wanted to see it in person. I let them know that I would be in the Nashville area the next day and could look at it.

This home was just a 15 minute drive from my work, which was much closer than I was used to being. Upon seeing the home, I instantly liked it. Then I walked through it and knew I had to have it. It had a pool and a hot tub too. I was really impressed with this home and told the realtor I wanted to buy it. Since it had been awhile since I bought a home, I wasn’t sure how the whole process would work.

The realtor was able to get everything ready for me and got my information. Within just a few days they contacted me back and let me know the status of everything. They said it would take less than 45 days to close on the home however it only took 30.

I am happy to be closer to work and it gives me a good bit of time to do other things. I am glad I looked at this home and bought it.